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Lancaster City Council Adopts Stand-Alone Electric Energy System Ordinance
During the April 23 Lancaster City Council Meeting, Ordinance 1064 was passed, allowing residents and business owners to construct and operate stand-alone electric energy systems. These stand-alone power systems, also known as off-grid systems, are disconnected from and produce power independent of the public utility grid. Such systems include but are not limited to solar photovoltaic, fuel cell, battery, and wind electric systems, which can operate with or without electrical energy storage.

According to Ordinance 1064, those desiring to be independent of the local utility grid can submit building plans to the City’s Building and Safety Division for review. The building plans must demonstrate how the proposed stand-alone electric energy system will meet approved off-grid development standards while providing a reliable and consistent energy source to the property.

Through this ordinance, Lancaster is the first City in California to encourage such independent use of newer technologies.

Music in the Parks Returns for 2019
Music in the Parks Returns for 2019 Live Music, Food Trucks, Dance Lessons & Kids Activities Featured

The City of Palmdale will host eight free "Music in the Parks" outdoor events this summer beginning June 6 and running eight consecutive weeks (excluding July 4), alternating between Poncitlán Square, located at 9th St. East between Ave. Q-9 & Ave. Q-10 and Domenic Massari Park, located at 37716 55th St. East.

"Music in the Parks" will run from 6 to 8 pm and include live music, kid activities, dance lessons, and food trucks. Free dance lessons will be held before the event at 5:30 pm.

"Come with your family and friends and enjoy great tunes from local bands, including new artists," said Senior Program Leader Joi Christy. "Bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit back and enjoy the beautiful summer evening in Palmdale!"

The schedule features:

Wilk honors The Brittany Foundation with the Non-Profit Appreciation Award
SACRAMENTO - Senator Scott Wilk, representing the 21st Senate District, honored The Brittany Foundation with his Non-Profit Appreciation Award during the Foundation's Annual Memorial event and Chili Cook Off. Founder, Nancy Anderson accepted the award while surrounded by community and team members.

"The Brittany Foundation fills a unique need in our community. Taking care of our animal friends in need. The work done by the Foundation has saved the lives of more than 100 dogs per year," said Wilk. "I love that they work hard to find good homes for hard to place dogs. It is an even greater testament to their commitment to our animals and to ensuring these animals really do find forever homes."

The Brittany Foundation's work runs the gamut of rescue, rehabilitation, shelter for homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs. In addition, the Foundation focuses on community education and training.

Nancy estimates that because of their rescue efforts, the number of dogs killed in local shelters has decreased. Not only is this humane, it is a financial relief to the shelters - which are already strained - and to the taxpayers. Since 1994, they have placed an average of 100 dogs per year into new loving homes.

Good Mental Health Should Never be Taken for Granted
Know the Signs, and Seek Help When Necessary

PASADENA, CA - Good mental health is critically important to everyone, no matter what age, sex or race. That’s why it’s important to understand how mental health affects our lives, and know the signs when seeking help may be necessary.

Paying attention to mental health means having a balanced emotional and psychological sense of one’s
well-being, according to Dr. Juan-Carlos Zuberbuhler, a board-certified child/adolescent/adult psychiatrist with Kaiser Permanente Southern California. Feeling mentally fit allows you to notice and enjoy the things in life that bring you joy, and being able to overcome and bounce back from setbacks and adversities.

“Mental health is too often ignored and avoided due to stigmas and fears that our families and societies have placed upon this topic,” Dr. Zuberbuhler said. “Just like you wouldn’t hesitate to call your doctor when you have a cold, you shouldn’t hesitate to tell your doctor if you – or a loved one – suffer from depression or anxiety that affect your personal or professional life.”

According to The National Alliance on Mental Illness, about 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. – 43.8 million – experience mental illness in a given year. Individuals living with serious mental illness face an increased risk of having chronic medical conditions. Adults in the U.S. living with serious mental illness die on average 25 years earlier than others, largely due to treatable medical conditions.

Children, Teens Face Significant Pressures That Could Affect Mental Health
Understanding Early Signs and a Willingness to Listen are Keys to Successful Treatment

PASADENA, CA - When it comes to today’s youth, many are overwhelmed with social, school, athletic and cultural pressures. However, too much stress and worrying can be problematic for children and teens. That’s especially true when anxiety starts to get in the way of everyday life, and begins to affect a child’s mental health.

Anabel Basulto, a licensed marriage and family therapist with Kaiser Permanente Southern California, says while progress has been made in reducing the stigma of mental health conditions, it can be especially challenging for children and teens to open up about depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions.

The increased exposure to technology has contributed to the stress children and teens face today,” Basulto said. Social media websites that provide information on real time about activities and self-image serve as a means to measure if you are accepted. Acceptance is an important part of adolescent development, and to be left out can be a symbol of rejection. As a result, children and teens internalize this as rejection, which leads to depression and anxiety.

Legacy Commons to Host Annual Fitness Walk
PALMDALE – The City of Palmdale’s Legacy Commons for Active Seniors will host its annual fitness walk on Thursday, May 23 from 8:30 to 10 am at Legacy Commons.

The event will begin with a stretching warm up, followed by a walk from Legacy Commons, around Poncitlán Square, and back. Participants will a light breakfast on the patio following the walk. T-shirts will be available for $5 (while supplies last.) There will also be the opportunity to participate in various lawn games on the Legacy Commons grounds including bocce and horseshoes.

“You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go,” said Recreation Coordinator Laura Rice. “Studies have shown that even a 10 minute walk immediately improves brain chemistry to increase happiness. So come be happy with us!”

Legacy Commons is located at 930 East Avenue Q-9, and is open Monday through Thursday, from 8 am to 4:30 pm and Friday’s from 8 am to 12 noon. It provides adults age 55+ the opportunity to remain young-at-heart with a wide range of drop-in activities in a modern, contemporary center. Experience camaraderie, enhance your overall health, continue learning and foster self-reliance through our fitness and exercise classes, visual and performing arts programs, informational seminars and special interest groups. Adjacent Legacy Park features walking paths and picnic tables, bocce ball courts, horseshoe pits and a croquet lawn. Visitors are invited to pick up a detailed schedule of activities. No membership required.

City of Palmdale to Host 100th Birthday Celebration for First Mayor Larry Chimbole
PALMDALE – The City of Palmdale will host a 100th Birthday Celebration in honor of its late first mayor Larry Chimbole on Wednesday, May 22 from 6 to 9 pm in the Chimbole Cultural Center Ballroom, 38350 Sierra Hwy, in Palmdale. Admission is free and open to the public.

Hors d'oeuvres, refreshments, music, a visual tribute, group photos, gift basket raffle and birthday cake will all be part of the celebration.

In lieu of gifts and certificates, attendees may bring school supplies for the SAVES back to school program which benefits low income children in our community.

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